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Navitas Occupational Health and Wellness offers a dynamic range of Occupational Health and Wellness Services to all corporate and industrial markets where health risks are required / identified in the work environment. The service is rendered by a multi-disciplinary team in conjunction with Health Watch, a comprehensive health management tool. Health Watch enables us to identify a vast range of risks within your business which can be managed through our holistic wellness programs, health education and staff development.

Specialist knowledge, qualified and trained personnel are used, and specialised equipment ensures that we render a fast and comprehensive occupational health service.


Online Health Management Tool Health Watch

Our in-house designed and proprietery Online Health Management Software Solution Health Watch is a specialised occupational health system to assist employers in managing their company's human resources. Occupational diseases and injuries are effectively managed to ensure optimal productivity, decreased absenteeism and higher profit margins.



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Navitas OHW has branches in the Free State and in Gauteng. We deliver services all over South Africa and Africa. Please do not hesitate to contact Navitas Occupational Health and Wellness Services to find our more about our company and the occupational health and wellness services we provide.





Quotations for services are given according to specific / business needs and is risk driven.


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